Improve fleet productivity with Route Optimization

February 08, 2016

Improve fleet productivity with Route Optimization

Proper planning of delivery vehicle routes will have a huge impact on improving organizations bottom line by lowering driver overtime wages and reducing fuel usage. Through efficient planning fleet owners can realize greater revenue while increasing customer satisfaction.

Apart from efficient planning, problem drivers might be trying to solve before they depart include:

  • Which route will be more efficient to the next job?
  • What route will be free from traffic congestion at certain times of the day?
  • How do I get to the customer site with minimal time?
  • Are there other jobs I can do on the way or while in the area?
  • Will I have time to fit in a last-minute or unplanned job?

Most of the times, drivers may not inform about the fear they have about route planning. These distractions can be a hidden cost that seriously undermines fleet’s productivity.

With Route optimization drivers and fleet managers more efficiently can take advantage of increasing vehicle usage without expanding man hours or fleet size. Without a cost effective GPS Fleet Management system, companies would need to add more workforce and vehicles to the initial upfront expenses. With efficient vehicle tracking technology in place, drivers are able to complete deliveries quicker, faster and improved vehicle utilization with the help of optimized routes.

Route optimization with vehicle tracking solutions directly leads to improve organizational productivity along with the following benefits

  • Elimination of wasted driving, potentially enabling required stops per vehicle
  • Improved driver safety through reduced wrong turns and mobile phone usage
  • Avoidance of traffic-related delays enabled by live traffic monitoring in map
  • Better use of fleet by maximizing productivity and reducing overall mileage
  • Reduces time spent in planning and implementing daily routes
  • Helps to improve driver performance. Drivers can concentrate on driving not navigating
  • Timely customer service by improving response times and ensuring on-time delivery performance

Every hour of overtime and route assumptions means less profit for organization. But with better utilization of vehicle tracking system fleet owners are able to get more done in less time.The concept, “doing more with less,” feels like it was meant specifically for fleet managers. Today, the industry is moving its focus to the driver for increased productivity and reduced expense.

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