Improve vehicle and driver safety with GPS fleet management system

October 24, 2014

Improve vehicle and driver safety with GPS fleet management system

Many of us comprehend that GPS fleet tracking is only for vehicle monitoring, but it’s only a myth. GPS fleet management system affords an extensive range of analysis and information to help and improve the performance of fleet across the board; as from fuel efficiency to driver and vehicle safety.

Here are some facts illustrating that how you can improve safety with GPS Fleet tracking

  • Speeding of vehicles

Leading cause for accidents on our roadways is due to speeding. GPS fleet tracking system enables you to monitor the speed of your vehicles, in real time, and enhances to notify if any drivers are traveling at unlawful speeds. Alerts will be generated to inform you about the driver speeding and simultaneously reminds the drivers to slow down. This cut-downs your liability and gives you the facility to make your employees accountable when driving vehicles erratically.

  • Location tracking

If a driver is met with an accident, he needs road-side aid or in case of any medical emergency; GPS fleet tracking system helps you to determine their exact location. This will be undoubtedly a boon in case of an emergency. Apart from that it gives you better road awareness at night and in low-visibility conditions, especially night driving during bad-weather.

Theft of vehicles can put drivers in unsafe situations. Possibilities to prevent vehicle from theft will be lesser, but with help of GPS tracking around the clock, immediately alerts you about suspicious vehicle movement.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

Alerts will be triggered to notify maintenance schedule on each of your vehicles. This will be the unsurpassed way to avoid vehicles malfunctioning on the roadways by causing serious accidents.

Nothing is vital than your employees safety in fleet-based businesses. GPS fleet tracking system can help you to safeguard your employees and reduce their hazardous driving habits. So what are you longing for? Implement a GPS fleet tracking solution today. Trinetra fleet management system provides you the best solutions to maintain vehicle and driver safety. Contact us to exploit our premium services.

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