Increase School Bus Safety and optimize routes with GPS tracking system

July 31, 2015

Increase School Bus Safety and optimize routes with GPS tracking system

A recent survey states that about 41% children die every year in transportation accidents

Have you ever thought why all these were happening, even though we have all upgraded systems and technology?

The major reason behind these complications is lack of communication in ways like monitoring vehicle speed, driver’s behavior, school bus routes etc., as a school management it’s their responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable transportation facility, this is also important as equal to providing top quality education. Monitoring school buses in real-time and optimizing routes to be taken is the best way to save money and ensure school bus safety.

GPS vehicle tracking system will be the decisive solution to overcome all these complications and delivers all the required, relevant solutions as per the need.

Here are some key features of GPS tracking systems that increase school bus safety:


RFID readers integrated with Vehicle tracking device ensures to update the attendance of the students which helps to identify student’s presence and also for drivers face recognition .Gives accurate and timely information to school management and parents.

Pick/Drop SMS

Automated Pick/Drop alerts will be sent to respective parents mobile. This helps to respond immediately when mishap caused to children.

Speeding Alerts

Notifies errant drivers and sends instant email and SMS alerts, when the School bus over speeds along with location and speed details

Panic Button

Button accessible to the driver is an added advantage &sends instant alerts via SMS during hazardous situation which needs quick action.

The above shared are just a few GPS Tracking benefits, provide many more added advantages by GPS tracking system leads to increase safety to school children and help drivers to find optimized routes. Below statistics is the live example that portrays a clear picture about advantages of having GPS vehicle tracking system integration in school bus…

  • 85 percent of the parents agree that “monitoring school buses via GPS tracking gives greater visibility ,overall safety and more timely bus service”
  • 88 percent schools favor GPS tracking systems for “monitoring bus drivers driving practices such as speeding or erratic driving”
  • 77 percent parents are interested in the “ability to monitor child’s school bus’ exact location and status”

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