Most Useful Alerts in GPS Tracking System

February 14, 2015

Most Useful Alerts in GPS Tracking System

Alerts in GPS tracking systems provide fleet managers the ability to act from the very moment in some hazardous situations. Alerts incorporated with GPS devices will be meaningful and specific in order to be powerful and effective for fleet management. Alerts sent out will be in real-time, so that fleet managers can proactively address incidents of happening.

  • From a GPS tracking solution what will be a fleet manager’s need to be alerted on?
  • What alerts that really matters to business?

Here are the top 5 GPS fleet tracking alerts

  • Speed Alert

Speed alerts assimilated in fleet vehicles notifies both drivers and managers when a vehicle exceeds the specified MPH threshold. Managers can monitor the vehicle speed in real-time ensure driver and public safety. With these alerts bad driving habits can be eliminated and can maintain minimum public complaints.

  • Idle Time Alert

Idle time alert notifies fleet managers and drivers when a vehicle idles in a place for more than the specified time. This alert helps to improvise safety when it comes for fuel cost reduction and vehicle idling alert will effectively helps to maintain fuel efficiency. This alert helps drivers to shut the vehicle off in right time when the threshold of allowed time exceeds.

  • Landmark Alert

Landmark alert helps fleet managers to be well informed about their fleet vehicles exact location, managers will be notified when a vehicle enters or exits a particular landmark (point of interest). This provides an insight into many aspects of fleet management and fleet managers can stay abreast of knowing their employees location.

  • Odd-Hours Alert

Odd-hours alert is sent when there is movement within a pre-defined odd-hours violation window. This alert will be highly valuable for fleet managers and even drivers because this notifies them all about the possible theft or unauthorized usage of the vehicle.

  • Long Stop Alert

Long stop alert notifies the respective authority when a vehicle has been unwontedly stopped for too long. This will be greatly useful for delivery fleets and other service business vehicles that have appointments set to ensure they stay on time throughout the day.

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