Reasons to prefer GPS Tracking System for Driver Management

October 28, 2016

Reasons to prefer GPS Tracking System for Driver Management

GPS Tracking system today is finding its great utility in everyday life since it offers great way to track and afford secured transportation. This tracking system will enable businesses to mark and trace down the exact location of their high value assets by ensuring the security and safety of transporting goods and gives ultimate peace of mind

A recent fleet management survey reveals globally, approximately 6% of all fleet vehicles are involved in a collision each year. Many of these collisions could be prevented by monitoring & improving driver performance.

Safe transportation, the crucial advantage of Vehicle tracking system apart from that Driver management is the significant feature of GPS Tracking system.

Below are the reasons for an organization to prefer GPS Tracking system:

  • Increased Productivity

With GPS systems vehicle routes can be Optimized, also shows the shortest routes with the least amount of traffic to get to the destinations faster. Provides accurate speed information about each vehicle tracked, when drivers exceed a set threshold speed limit then respective stake holders will be alerted. So immediately fleet managers can act and guide drives to reduce the speed in which they are currently moving. GPS tracking system makes the drivers cautious.

  • Reduced Labour Costs

Time is money and with GPS vehicle tracking system fleet owners can get accurate records of driver hours. This automated system eliminates manual errors and reduces fraudulent activities in calculating employee work hours

  • Optimized Customer Service

Real time tracking makes serving your customers easier and helps to know which driver to send, where they are and when they will arrive to the destination. The GPS tracking system can be used to verify driver behaviours, deliveries and also the time spent at each location. The system minimizes all customer vs. driver disputes by providing the real facts.

Advantages of GPS Tracking system

  • Accurate speed information
  • Maps support drivers to quickly locate destination
  • Emergency panic button to assist in emergency period
  • Monitoring excessive speeding, idle timing, vehicle misuse and harsh braking
  • Drivers with expired license can be easily identified and replaced for better driving dynamics

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