Top 10 Reasons to Use Vehicle Tracking Software for Your Business

August 06, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Use Vehicle Tracking Software for Your Business

Vehicle Tracking Software is mainly designed to save business owners / fleet manager’s valuable time and money. Installing a vehicle tracking software in your fleet can be an expensive operation. However, the benefits of vehicle tracking are enormous. By installing the GPS vehicle tracking system, one can have rapid increase in productivity, enhanced customer service, minimum operational costs and improved security for both vehicle and driver.

Although there are plenty of reasons for using GPS Vehicle Tracking Software, some of them are not as apparent to their business as one might think. Really, there are many key features a customer has in mind when choosing to employ vehicle tracking software for his business. Like for example, Fleet Maintenance, Route Optimization, Driver Management, Enhanced Security, Graphical Dashboard, Alerts & Notifications to name a few.

To go a bit more in depth, a client company might not have a substantial amount of budget to put inside fleet management and on the other hand surveillance and maintenance may be costly. However, with today’s ever-growing demands, a possibility to run a business has installed tracking software on the vehicles, consequently for locating vehicle movements, for monitoring the driver behaviour, with regard to sending and receiving e-mail, SMS alerts or notifications from customers via the fleet management company. Almost the entire package takes considerable time and must be charged for. Vehicle tracking software provides protection of vehicle info with superior security, asset locating suite with everything you need to track and effective fleet management with Business Intelligence Reports and much more through Cloud Computing hosted solution.

Consequently, a fleet management corporation can get excellent assistance by keeping everything within a place, each of those physically and metaphorically. Nowadays, clients of the vehicle tracking service are looking for certain things: Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) & Tracking, real time position information, remote asset monitoring, sensor integration, geozones & custom landmarks, alerts via email & SMS, fleet maintenance, enhanced security features, comprehensive reports and much more.

Listed below are the top ten reasons why you should use Vehicle Tracking Software for your business.

  • Vehicle tracking software helps you to monitor the exact location of your vehicles real-time. It offers complete information including vehicle location, speed and other information about your fleets. Monitoring movement of the particular vehicle helps to track the status of the objective
  • Allowing to observe the historical data of all trips including distance, total travel hours and other statistics helps to identify the unauthorized usage of fleets
  • Providing complete journey history helps to maintain more number of vehicles on-time regularly leads to minimize the high-cost repairs, enhanced fleet productivity, increased vehicle durability
  • It facilitates to supervise the driver’s behaviour closely so as to easily recognise the person misbehaviours. Effectively observing the driver’s behaviour aid to increase the overall organisational efficiency and productivity
  • Optimising routes and Accurate information on turn-by-turn driving directions, distance & estimated drive times helps for the faster arrival of destination, minimized fuel costs, reach the customer on-time
  • It provides powerful real-time alerts & notifications which helps to access the vital information about the fleets without seeing any detailed reports, it gives alerts when the issues arise instantly
  • It enhances your fleet security by effectively supervising fleet operations and helps you to protect your vehicles and high-valuable assets from thieves
  • Its provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking reports with the comprehensive history of driver and vehicle activities real-time which includes information on vehicle’s location, speed, stops, violations etc.
  • Dashboard facility of Vehicle Tracking Software provides fleet owner’s a quick and easy way to view overall fleet performance. It let to evaluate fleet performance in terms of speeding violations, average speed, ignition  on-time, vehicle idling, vehicle distance and number of idle instances
  • Improved the entire growth of the company which includes reduced cost of business operations, fuel costs, mileage, emissions and increase in fleet safety, enhanced Overall productivity and organisational efficiency

Trinetra, an award-winning, eco-friendly, holistic Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions designed exclusively to track / monitor / manage the vehicles / fleets and high value assets. Trinetra uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of Vehicle Tracking, Digital Mapping, Fleet Maintenance, Driver Management, Route Optimization, Specialised Solutions, Notifications & Alerts, Security and Reports. With the help of Trinetra, you can effectively track and manage both your vehicles and valuable assets. In addition, you can leverage your business bottom-line with increased productivity and substantial cost benefits.

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