Top 5 Benefits of Geo-Fencing

January 21, 2015

Top 5 Benefits of Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing feature in GPS tracking system was developed to monitor fleet-drivers and to make sure that they stay within the selected boundaries by their fleet companies. This will be an outstanding approach adapted with fleet managers to monitor on the clock. Geofencing by definition it is stated that “a virtual perimeter created around any geographic area “.Geofencing feature in GPS tracking system allows and notifies when fleet drivers enters or exits a designated area, help companies to respond accordingly and they can enhance their experience. Geofencing now has become a practical tool by helping planners to increase efficient route planning and bottom line.

Establishing a geofencing and linking it to GPS Tracker allows knowing when a person has entered or exited the defined geofenced location. Listed below are the benefits of Geofencing.

Top 5 advantage of Geofencing

  • Increasing safety & security

Tracking a driver and vehicle location all the time, means that there is a person to protect them by monitoring their adherence to safety standards, distinctive driver habits will be alerted to managers if something seems out of the ordinary. And also helps to see if a driver is stuck outside of a geofenced area enables fleet owners/ managers to contact the driver and send help if necessary.

  • Reduces unwanted vehicle usage

GPS Vehicle tracking system send automated reports on how long a vehicle has been outside of the selected zone, fleet managers can then notify drivers and their actions. Identifying if a driver is routinely using a vehicle in an inappropriate way, that practice within drivers can be eliminated with geofencing feature, this leads to save fuel costs and man hours.

  • Stay on Course

Creating pre-defined landmark locations (such as work sites, pick up /drop off points, freeways, etc.) helps drivers to know where they are allowed to go while on the clock. The GPS tracking system integration in fleet vehicle send reports whether a vehicle enters or exits a geofenced area, and how long it was there in those zones

  • Reduce Theft

Geofencing and landmark locating feature in GPS tracking system allow fleet managers to quickly retrieve stolen vehicles. GPS software displays where a vehicle is at all times, this enable companies to quickly notify the authorities regarding any missing or stolen vehicle, as well as the ability to send them the exact position of where the vehicle is located.

  • Automated Updates

Technologies used in geofencing enable fleet managers to receive constant, automated updates. These updates provide fleet managers with time-stamped and validated record feature of the vehicle’s activity.

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