Track Your Cash Vehicles Using GPS Vehicle Tracking System

August 06, 2013

Track Your Cash Vehicles Using GPS Vehicle Tracking System1

Each and every industry is having a range of high-value assets like Pharmaceutical, Money, Jewels, FMCG, Cargo, Generators etc., that needs to be tracked for their safety and security. Among those, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are one of the most important high-value assets for the banks which involves multiple distributed cash deposit centres or self-service kiosks to deliver the cash for the customers. Cash carrying vehicle or Cash In-Transit vehicle play a major role in the banking industry, by transferring and distributing the cash from the bank to the ATM centres.

Transferring money from one place to another is really a risky job and requires greatest deal of logistics, monitoring and scheduling. Once an asset leaves the bank environment of a secure building it is immediately at a much higher risk. ATM Vehicles (Armoured Trucks / Vans) carry a huge amount of money which definitely needs a safety / security system to monitor the vehicle activities, route taken, stops made, driver behaviour, driving patterns and many more.

Constant threats make security an utmost priority while transferring / managing cash in-transit. These vehicles are highly visible targets and over the years these types of threats has increased. To counter this, the system is built on top of a GPS based vehicle tracking and fleet management application to track and monitor the movements of cash carrying vehicles between bank headquarters, branches and ATM centres. Security policies can be defined and once the rules are breached, alarms can be triggered off to various users.

By enhancing vehicle security with a highly advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management system, you’ll enjoy many short and long-term benefits including:

  • Real time tracking & monitoring of vehicles on digital maps
  • Panic button for emergency situations like accidents, attacks for robbery, etc.
  • Track vehicle idling time, departure / arrival times to / from the branch and ATMs
  • Two way messaging between the vehicles and the bank’s headquarter
  • Fleet optimization with status control
  • Better route management and vehicle assignment to reduce the cash distribution time
  • Enhanced security for drivers, cash and vehicles
  • Better dispatch with the central monitoring of cash stock in vehicles

Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Solution enables you to track and monitor all of your Cash In-Transit vehicles efficiently and effortlessly. Trinetra is designed exclusively for real time monitoring and security for the Cash In-Transit vehicles. If an incident takes place, the system can provide an exact location for the Police to attend to, this is especially useful if communication between drivers and the fleet manager has broken down or is unworkable.

These capabilities of Trinetra add value to safety and security to ATM money / cash transfer vehicles and in ensuring secure protection and swift recovery of your high value assets – an award-winning, affordable, and holistic Tracking & Security solution to suit your business needs.

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