Track Your Vehicles Efficiently & Effortlessly

August 06, 2011

Track Your Vehicles Efficiently & Effortlessly1

Living in a technological world, operating a business efficiently and profitably is the main concern for all the entrepreneurs. Well, times have changed and today vehicle / fleet owners needn’t manually track or search for details from piles of paper. Technology has enabled businesses to track vehicles, people and much more. GPS Vehicle Tracking System plays a crucial part in almost all business endeavours.

With the influence of the Internet and GPS satellite precision, vehicle tracking can be done efficiently and effortlessly. Having GPS device installed in your vehicle, you can easily monitor your cars, trucks and other vehicles movements at anytime, anywhere you think of with just a click of a button. In fact it’s the fastest and most accurate way to track your vehicles and assets.

Global Positioning System is considered as the most profitable and rewarding business strategy for cost-effective maintenance of fleet resources. With GPS Digital Mapping system feature a logistic or a transportation company operating huge number of vehicles can track the exact location of their vehicles effectively even across border. Other areas of Vehicle Tracking include driver safety, fleet maintenance and real-time status updates. Special highlights include option to view historical data of the trips such as covered distance, estimated time of travel and actual time taken statistics.

A recent Fleet Management industry survey reveals that GPS vehicle tracking software will boost up your productivity level up to 30% and is recognized by fleet owners as a perfect solution. Further, as per the EPA report, every hour of idle time burns 0.82 gallons of fuel, user of GPS system can detect engine idling and reduce fuel consumption and thereby decrease 22% of fuel cost.

Furthermore the study reveals, implementing a GPS Vehicle Tracking System leaves psychological effects on the driver and boosts his productivity by 23%. The workforce being aware of the software features won’t violate the restrictions set for his trip like optimized routes, violation threshold, excessive idling and this naturally enables you to save money in the long run, witness an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Owning a Fleet Management Software helps fleet owners to effectively maintain their asset by monitoring vehicle utilization, unauthorized usage of vehicle, violation of speed limits and much more that helps them in their decision making process. Owners have privilege to calculate estimated Vs actual cost for maintenance, generates statistical reports that provide better insight on fleet management. Enhanced security for the vehicle and driver allows vehicle owners to be at peace. In the course of time businesses can discover where improvements can be made.

Equally drivers too can get benefited, in case of breakdown or stuck in traffic drivers can communicate with their central dispatch office through two-way text communication. Driver can sketch their trip well in advance; choose the optimal route for travelling thereby saving fuel which in turn will increase efficiency. Besides driver fatigue management, performance-driven incentive schemes for driver behavior monitoring and driver panic button to indicate emergency state are the additional features helps to improve the driver’s performance.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is turning out to be an essential tool for fleet operators to lower fuel costs, keep an eye on employees, time sheet maintenance, mileage claims and improved customer service. Many fleet owners admit that this particular technology has brought in real benefits for their business. With Trinetra’s award-winning GPS Vehicle Tracking System installed on your vehicles, you can easily manage your fleet and achieve your business objective besides protecting your high-value assets.

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