Ways to increase fleet efficiency with OBD II

December 08, 2015

Ways to increase fleet efficiency with OBD II

On-Board Diagnostic system is a valuable tool that assists most of the vehicleson the road today. In early 70’s automobile manufacturers started using electronic means to control engine functions and diagnose engine problems, primarily this was to meet EPA (emission standards ). As years rolled on-board diagnostic systems have updated to a greater extend. OBD-II, the current updated engine diagnostics solution provides complete engine control and monitor parts of the chassis, body and accessory devices, as well as the entire diagnostic control of vehicle.

For every fleet vehicle it is crucial to provide timely service to customers, which helps them to retain customers and achieve higher business developments. A vehicle can only perform well when its engine is properly maintained, unless this may reduce the fleet’s efficiency and vehicles performance.

OBD-II provides a universal inspection and diagnosis method to make sure that the fleet vehicle is performing to OEM (original equipment maker) standards. An OBD system detects a problem well before costly repairs; OBD emission test provides a clear picture of a vehicle’s emissions status which helps to evaluate emissions percentage and the vehicle conditions.

With this efficient feature fleet vehicles condition can monitored in real-time and can be optimized on time, a well-versed vehicle tracking system will provide options for diagnostics.

Key features of OBD II

  • Accurate diagnosis leads to on-time effective, durable repairs
  • Minimal inspection time
  • Early vehicle maintenance opportunity for greater fuel efficiency and reliability
  • Simple and affordable testing method
  • Early detection of potential emission exceedance

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