Why Food and Beverages Vehicle need to be Tracked

January 10, 2017

Why Food and Beverages Vehicle need to be Tracked

Fleet and asset tracking is becoming more common today, in every business both executives and fleet managers look for ways to ensure the efficient and effective use of their fleets, assets and employees. Diverse industries need fleet management system and vehicle monitoring solutions, among those Food and beverages industry takes a significant part, as it becomes crucial for the business to deliver food and beverages on time in perfect consumable condition.

Business owners and fleet managers of food and beverage distribution and logistics companies are aware of the need to oversee employees, food delivery vehicles and geozone entries. So it has become a necessary for businesses to track their vehicles on daily basis.

The food and beverage industry is one greatly influenced by on time deliveries and proper temperature monitoring to avoid spoiling perishable goods. GPS Fleet Tracking System with Temperature Monitoring feature helps maximize delivery efficiency, minimize driving times and keep an eye on food, where the intelligent system is programmed with alerting features if the temperature exceeds the threshold.

Advantages of GPS Vehicle tracking system for food and beverages industry

Delivery Notifications: Real time notification about delivery vehicles provide lots of advantages, customers can know their goods delivery status and the estimated time of arrival. It will be even more helpful for the company as they can track the vehicle and make sure that everything working is according to the plan or not.

Vehicle and Driver Safety: Security is very important in every transportation business, Successful delivery of goods to the customers matters a lot in business reputation. GPS fleet tracking closely monitors the delivery vehicles and reports activity of every vehicle to ensure vehicle and drivers for their safety.

Better Customer Services: A good customer service always guarantees of business growth. This can be achieved by doing many things like timely delivery, delivering products with complete protection, sending the nearest vehicle to the customer, and much more. All this can be easily done with the assistance of a GPS device.

Route Planning: Planning the precise delivery routes will help businesses to reach the customers on-time and goods can be delivered without spoilage, customers will be satisfied and more business orders can be gained.

Benefits of Vehicle tracking system:

  • Real-time location insight
  • up-to-date temperature information
  • Effective cold chain management monitors food and cargo temperature
  • Identifies unnecessary idling / route divergence
  • Save time and fuel by monitoring driver behaviour, speed and mileage
  • Dispatch drivers to their appointed deliveries and updates in real-time
  • Efficient route planning to avoid traffic while taking the most direct path to customer location

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