GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution For Aviation Industry

Aviation Vehicle Tracking System

Industry : Manufacturing

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

April 05, 2016


The client is one of the leading ground service equipment providers in 30 location in Australia. They provide wide range of services with high quality, safety and customer satisfaction. They aim to deliver the best services in the aviation Industry.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a high precision GPS solution to track their ground service equipment vehicles in real time and also mark boundaries for vehicles to run inside it, if the vehicle goes out of the boundary immediate alert should be triggered to the stakeholders. Operating within any airport is no easy task and has very strict security measures to follow. They wanted to ensure they have complete track of the vehicles from a safety, security and compliance perspective.

Trinetra Solution

The client was provided with Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking system. With Trinetra installed on their vehicles, they can now monitor the current position of all their vehicles inside the Airport with high accuracy. To permit tracking, all gate terminals and other key locations in the airport were marked as a Landmark / Geozone and the respective stakeholders were given privilege to get the notification whenever the vehicle reached the point of interest. For the fixed amount of time the vehicle should run or should be inside those boundary. If these rules are breached the alerts should be sent to relevant stakeholders. The users can also set a list of business rules and with every deviation of the business rule the stakeholders will get immediate notification. With the help of Trinetra they can get intelligent reports on the complete utilization of the vehicles and more importantly the exceptions as well. In addition, it paves the way to locate the nearest vehicle effortlessly, help in reducing operating costs, increasing productivity, and improving vehicle utilization.


  • Effective Solution to know vehicle routes
  • Easy monitoring of vehicles inside the Airport
  • Complying to standards
  • Reduces Manual Intervention
  • Enhanced vehicle utilization
  • Maximized Productivity
  • Reduces Operational Costs
  • Get Instant alerts & notifications

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