Construction Vehicle Tracking Solution For A Leading Construction Company

Construction Vehicle Tracking

Industry : Construction

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

May 02, 2017


Our client is a leading construction company involved in building and infrastructure projects in the region of Jharkhand . Client has widespread customers & to cater their own industrial / business needs they own a huge fleet of heavy construction vehicles.

Business Requirement

Even after handling extensive projects our customer confronts absence of control & visibility in vehicle utilization for construction purposes and has been searching for solutions to have an answer whereby tracking and keeping complete access to construction oriented utilization information. They cater 100+ vehicles.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra offers comprehensive vehicle tracking solution to overcome their day-to-day challenges in the construction sector. Now, with assistance of Trinetra, the stakeholders have access to completely track and monitor the usage of their construction vehicles. Trinetra has provided an integrated offering of gps vehicle tracking hardware supplemented with user-friendly interface to serve the necessities of our customer. This solution assists the customer to capture all vital information such as location, tracking and security related parameters. In-depth information related to vehicle utilization across days, weeks & months is a feature that provides the much required visibility on utilization of fleets. With our fleet management software client has options to set zones of interest based on business rules for construction sites. With this feature, administrators will receive alert warnings right away upon vehicle’s start location to entry and exit into construction zone and thus they will have complete control of the high value assets. Custom developed reports that help them to focus on the KPIs of the construction industry are also available. Most construction projects run on tight schedules with heavy expenses involved which makes it critically important to have comprehensive vehicle tracking with ability to flexibly accommodate business rules


  • Real time visibility of the assets
  • Increased ROI
  • Minimize vehicle misuse
  • Identify KPIs and measure fleet performance
  • Vehicle’s status notifications
  • Emergency panic alerts
  • Quick TAT thereby serving / satisfying end client’s need
  • Productive utilization of construction vehicles
  • Meeting service level commitments

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