Major electronics retail company gets solution to minimise damage of goods in transit time

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Solution : Fleet Management

May 11, 2019


The client is a leading consumer electronics retailer located in Hyderabad distributing electronic products to customers all over the world with 250+ delivery vehicles.

Business Requirement

The client, a major electronics retailer, ships thousands of electronic products globally. However, during transit the products get damaged, due to improper handling or owing to other external parameters. Hence, when damaged goods shipped reach the customer, it inflates the operating costs and also creates dissatisfaction to customers, plus create delay in deliveries. It also affects the inventory management, besides doubling shipping costs to replace damaged goods for customers.

Solution Implementation

An effective delivery and fleet management solution to this problem was offered by Trinetra Wireless, by providing different alarms and sensors, based on the events during transit. Once there is a breach in the parameters, the respective sensors will send alerts to the user, along with the time and location when it happened.

The cause of the change is identified based on the alerts, history of data and predictive analysis with productive delivery management software. It also provided intelligent data, like on which vehicle and location the damage occurred frequently. Based on data on improper usage of vehicle, road conditions it travelled, the unpredictable motion in transit, it can identify hazards.

Although vibration may seem inconsequential, many goods suffer consistent vibrations. Long exposure to it can cause loosening of fasteners, abrasion or other types of damages. Sensors attached to the shipment can trigger off immediate notifications, as soon as there is tilt, shock or as other parameters are breached related to vibrations & tilting of the asset. So, when goods are dropped on the loading dock, or bounces on a bumpy road, the sensors will send text messages or email right away to supply chain managers to take immediate corrective actions. Trinetra’s GPS based fleet management, mobility and IoT Solution software provides info about who mishandles the products most and where it happens so that shipping managers can look to minimise damage. Severity of the alarms too can be set as notify, warning and critical, as per frequency of the impact.


  • Handful insights to derive pattern
  • Minimize the damage of the goods
  • Minimize Shipping and packing cost
  • On time delivery to the customer
  • Improve the safety of the goods shipped
  • Reduced Operational Costs

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