Enhancing Security & Efficiency: Smart Vehicle Monitoring for Premises of Large Industries

Fleet Management System for Large Industries

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Solution : Fleet Monitoring

Dec 10, 2023

The Client

The client is a leading large-scale industry, who faced significant challenges in managing vehicular movements within its expansive premises. The absence of an efficient monitoring system led to operational inefficiencies and security concerns. Seeking a solution, they turned to Trinetra.

Business Requirement

The client’s premises were sprawling, making it challenging to monitor the movement of vehicles effectively:

  • Security personnel faced difficulties in verifying registration numbers, validating vehicle credentials, and ensuring authorized entry.
  • Additionally, the absence of real-time alerts on speed limits, unauthorized zone entry, and overstaying further worsened the operational difficulties.
  • The lack of visibility into 3rd party vehicles inside the premises raised security concerns, prompting the company to seek a robust tracking solution that addressed these pain points.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless proposed a tailored premises vehicle tracking solution that is seamlessly integrated with the operational infrastructure. The solution involved the deployment of GPS-enabled devices, integrated with the Trinetra portal, to monitor and manage the fleet within the premises.

Security personnel could now verify registration numbers instantly using the Trinetra Application with help of the Vaahan app. Upon verification, a GPS-enabled device was attached to the vehicle and configured at the security desk. Real-time alerts were set up for various parameters, including speed limits, unauthorized zone entry, and overstaying or delays.


The implementation and integration of Trinetra’s premises transportation and vehicle monitoring system delivered numerous benefits to the client.

  • Real-time alerts provided immediate notification of any deviations from the defined parameters, ensuring enhanced security and operational efficiency.
  • The application empowered security personnel with visibility over registered vehicle entries, validating RC and DL through government portals during entry.
  • Administration gained full visibility into 3rd party vehicles within the premises, enabling better management and monitoring.
  • The fleet management solution facilitated comprehensive fleet monitoring, including driver behaviour and route planning.
  • The GPS-enabled devices ensured continuous monitoring in real time with minimal effort.

Our tailored fleet monitoring solution – the GPS-enabled Premises Transportation and Vehicle Monitoring System improved security, operational efficiency, and visibility over vehicular movements within the large industry premises.

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