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Fuel Management System

Industry : Transportation & Logistics

Solution : Fuel Management

February 15, 2015


The client, a prominent Transportation & Logistic service provider, stands as a key player in delivering transportation services to time-sensitive industries, including Sugar, Distillery, Power, and Biotechnology. At the heart of their vision is the commitment to fortify their leadership position by providing comprehensive end-to-end transportation and logistics solutions.

Business Requirement

The client manages a transportation fleet with a mix of own and third-party vehicles. Their primary business need is to reduce fuel costs and improve the productivity of their organization. They require an innovative yet optimal solution to monitor the fuel consumption of their fleets (i.e., a Fuel Management System).

Trinetra Solution

For the Transportation & Logistics sector, the ability to manage fuel efficiently is a crucial factor in increasing profits, especially when organizations lease their trucks/vehicles for third-party consumer goods transportation. Trinetra’s solution integrates with On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD) of the vehicles to directly monitor engine and vehicle activity data. This includes Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), true idling, odometer readings, harsh braking, vehicle speed, engine speed RPM, fuel consumption, low battery, distance traveled, rapid acceleration warnings, and significantly more profitable data.

Trinetra also provides an alternative Manual Fuel Entry module to log all necessary fuel consumption data manually and stay up-to-date on mileage/fuel consumed for vehicles that do not support the OBD port. This flexibility caters to transportation service providers with a mix of old and new vehicles.


  • Reduce unnecessary fuel costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance the organization’s overall profitability and operational effectiveness
  • Improve safety levels with driver behavior monitoring
  • Enable smarter decision-making with real-time vehicle efficiency and diagnostic data
  • Provide better visibility and control
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant data

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