IoT Solution for Leading Manufacturer of High Voltage Rectifier

High Voltage Rectifier Manufacturer

Industry : High Voltage Rectifier Manufacturing

Solution : IoT - Remote Asset Monitoring

October 15, 2017


The client is a leading manufacturer of High voltage rectifiers in Delhi. They design & manufacture different models of their own transformer rectifiers with control panels for Electrostatic precipitator to reduce the pollution content & emission in power plants and despatch 50 rectifiers per day across globe.

Business Requirement

Client being an OEM has a very large number of High Voltage Rectifiers equipment installed at various sites all over India as well as in other countries. Sudden faults in the ESPs will cause the whole unit to shut down (Productivity loss of plant) and it takes few days to start the unit again. With a large install base, at various sites it has become very essential that the services/service visits need to be arranged on time or even before by predicting/forecasting the possible problem/fault occurred. The ideal critical asset monitoring solution would be the client should look for a machines monitoring solution to monitor the real time working status of the rectifiers and able to predict the failures. Besides all this they were also looking for critical parameter monitoring solutions to understand the actual working on their products.

Trinetra Solution

The key to any solution is to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations. Trinetra – high value asset monitoring solution follows this methodology of being customer centric. Trinetra, with the objective of becoming one of the leading provider of IoT Solutions took up this complex requirement with a great deal of system study & design followed by mapping the requirement to it’s robust & modular product framework. As per the present scenario, advanced planning of service visit or forecasting a problem will be possible only if the service manager gets the information in advance, about the site data/conditions in real time. This was achieved by using Trinetra robust IoT device for each customer asset or for a collection of customer assets.  The IoT device was customized and configured to adapt to the protocols of the customer assets and collected a number of critical parameters in real time with machine to machine integration solution. The customer was able to view all the data of their assets across the country from a centralized location. Valuable insights and fault related info was received in real time allowing for appropriate spares to be organized and service person alerted to be scheduled in a more streamlined manner to the respective region. Service managers were also provided with an efficient mobile application which is supported in iOS and android along with the portal so as to have a complete insight over the high voltage rectifiers throughout the day even when they are on the move. Trinetra’s asset monitoring advanced report module also helped the client to get intelligent report of performance and fault patterns which can also be scheduled with frequency for receiving to various stakeholder’s email.

Some of the key features which proves to be a value added solution to the client are:

  • Dashboard – Quick snapshot on Reporting, Alarm and Warranty status of whole ESP and HVR in data & graphical format
  • Trend Analysis – Assess patterns and performance of the HVR based on important parameters for a complete month. Very useful for forecasting possible problems/faults in HVRs
  • History – Detailed view for a max of 50 parameters for each HVRs in different time interval
  • Alarms – Action upon all faults and enables smart decision making
  • VI Curve – Intelligent method to check the performance of particular rectifier transformer
  • Mobile App – On the Move access to data using the Mobile app (Android and iOS)


  • Real time updates of alerts and critical information
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring of the customer assets
  • Access to intelligent info & patterns for decision making and performance fine tuning
  • On time Warranty and maintenance aspects streamlining
  • Reduced Operational Costs by reducing the unplanned shut down
  • Enhancing Customer reputation using Trinetra IoT Product Framework
  • Quick and repeated AMC signups

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