Fleet Management Solution For A Leading Multinational Management Consulting Service Provider

Supply Chain Industry

Industry : Supply Chain

Solution : Route Optimization

June 02, 2017


The client owns a multinational management consulting services company in the region of Utter Pradesh. They primarily focus on technology solutions, implementation, delivery, research & development along with a Technology Labs arm for emerging technologies. They had around 230+ vehicles.

Business Requirement

As the client is into SCM (supply chain management) and for the aggressive growth the following key objectives like Planning, Buying, Selling, Servicing and Marketing is necessary for their business. To achieve this objective, the client was in need of robust fleet management solution for diversifying their needs.

Trinetra Solution

The client was provided with Modular and Digitalized Trinetra fleet management solutions which helps in the client’s core business. Trinetra addressed their pain points by analyzing the trend of vehicle’s movement and increases fleet visibility. Usual manual plan has been changed, as Trinetra brings vehicle location and approximate time of arrival which allowed the client to make an effective planning which resulted in tremendous advantages. Since the transportation links to all buying, selling and service aspects, Trinetra made fleet maintenance as an automated process thus by eliminating manual errors and paper works.

Route planning in Trinetra helped the client to optimize routes that has to be taken for faster deliveries. Communication with end clients was made efficient on the delivery times and adherence to the same increases business reputation and also helps in deriving new revenue streams.  Reports generated for the past dates allowed the different hierarchy in the organization with various benefits.


  • Effective utilization of the vehicles
  • Automated fleet maintenance
  • Increased visibility between various stake holders
  • Faster ROI from vehicles
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reputation in business
  • Smooth handling in-turn provides customer references
  • Reduced Operational Costs

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