Cold Storage Monitoring & Temperature Sensing Solutions For A Leading Supplier Of Frozen Foods & Ice Cream Products

Industry : FMCG

Solution : GPS Cold Storage Refrigerated Trucks Monitoring

August 01, 2017


The client is a leading supplier of frozen foods & ice cream products and has a global chain of ice cream parlours. They have franchises in more than 30 countries having his HO in Dubai. They have a huge presence spread across the globe.

Business Requirement

The company uses the refrigerated trucks to carry their ice cream products & other frozen foodsMonitoring the temperature level of frozen ice cream products during transportation is an important requirement for them. Managing their fleet of refrigerated vehicles is not a simple task. The fleet managers must understand each reefer truck’s location and its compliance with temperature control objectives. They wanted an effective temperature monitoring system along to track their temperature controlled transportation and also to track the movements of the refrigerated trucks and on time delivery of consignments. Unfortunately, current methods for managing their reefer trucks are often expensive, inefficient, time-consuming and ineffective. They wanted to improve the safety of frozen ice cream products without any adverse effects on their sensory acceptability. They also wanted to improve their service delivery levels to their customers by increasing driver efficiency.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra has provided efficient temperature sensing solution considering the client’s daily business operations. The fleet manager is now able to have complete track of refrigerated vehicles in real time. By keeping track of current temperature values, the fleet managers can take appropriate corrective actions to ensure continued safe storage of their frozen ice cream products at constant temperature levels. With the help of Trinetra, the company is able to provide temperature based reports to their customers enhancing their customer service and confirmation of temperature level maintained during the transport.

Temperature monitoring is vital for the client’s business need and Trinetra’s customized reports have enabled them to have all the information’s directly to their mail box without generating it online each time.

Besides temperature monitoring, Trinetra fleet management solution enables the client to keep track of unnecessary idling of refrigerated vehicles during transportation, extreme acceleration, harsh braking and much more violations are kept under control. On top of this, Trinetra’s full-fledged temperature sensing solution has boosted up the productivity and increased the returns on their investment directly.


  • Complete solution of Vehicle Tracking with Temperature Monitoring & management solution
  • Accurate temperature monitoring inside the refrigerated vehicles
  • Monitor temperature level based on exceptions
  • Prevent theft, loss, or spoilage
  • Keep your frozen foods fresh & cool at all times
  • Intelligent temperature reports including temperature variance chart
  • Improved customer service & on-time delivery
  • Increased safety and on time delivery of consignments
  • Maximized productivity

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