Safe Delivery of High Valued goods for a Transformer Manufacturer

Transformer Manufacturer

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Solution : Fleet Management

June 13, 2018


The client is a reputed transformer manufacturing company where trailers are utilized for relocating the transformers to the erection site.

Business Requirement

The client manufactures MNC transformers and uses huge trailers for relocating transformers to the project sites. Major pain point of the client is, the spares of transformer in vehicles are got theft during relocation, so client requires keen monitoring of the transformers to improve safety and client is in need of a solution to manage and monitor the transformers in vehicles to avoid theft of the spares.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra solution helped the client with getting real time vehicle and transformer updates. Trinetra calculates the approximate time required for the vehicle to reach the destination. Our solution helps to monitor and manage the fleet under irregular timings as it is vitally important to monitor the vehicle with transformers under 24*7 condition. Transformers that are not being fully monitored under vulnerable zones, would lead to major loss for the business.

Trinetra helps the manufacturer in getting notified with vibrations and tilt of transformers. Trinetra keeps monitoring the status of the fleet on the go through the mobile application, including trip reports and alarm notifications, making the vehicle safe under vulnerable conditions with the transformers. As necessary actions can be taken up to control discrepancies in the field by the vehicles and when the alerts are controlled the safety to transformers can be improvised under vulnerable zones. As the huge number of vehicles in the fleet has been keenly monitored with the transformers along with the real time alerts , thus improving safety of the assets.


  • Monitor pre-defined events
  • Real time alerts notification alerts
  • Increase visibility between the various stake holders
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs

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