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Tyre Management Solutions

Industry : Transportation & Logistics

Solution : Tyre Management

August 25, 2015


The client is one of the leading Transportation & Logistic service providers offering delivery solutions to different Industry verticals. The vehicles are used almost non-stop through-out the year to keep up with the demand. Almost 340 vehicles are mapped and running for different purposes.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a solution to assist the Transport administrators to keep track of the vehicle Tyre from the purchase level till the rethreading process. As Tyre is the one of the most expensive component client was looking for a reliable solution that will lead to effective utilization of the stocks and also to increase lifetime of the tires.

Trinetra Solution

The client was provided with Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking solution with tyre management. Of all parts of a vehicle one of the most wearable parts is the tyre, and it’s also the most expensive part of a vehicle. To monitor the Tyre usage and increase tyre life, accurate data about the distance run on each tyre is vital. Only Organization that monitors and tracks tyre expenditure along with certain other critical information can save unnecessary tyre expenditure. The fleet of vehicles this client has was substantial, hence they preferred to purchase an end-to-end Vehicle Tracking & Fleet management software with which they view the vehicle usage besides have the option to get statistical reports to track the budgeted Vs actual cost of maintenance and plan the maintenance for the vehicle with three different parameters such as Distance travelled, Time based, Engine run time.

With Trinetra Tyre management solution transport administrators can track the complete history of Tyre. It helps them to replace the manual work involved in Tyre maintenance and allow them to automate Tyre Management. They can also track the details on the tyre purchase, vendor details, make & model, Tyre Mapping, Tyre Swapping, Tyre Stock & Tyre Rethreading related info’s to get the best from their tyres. Trinetra also offers the flexibility in mapping the Tyre to different Axles of the vehicles with complete clarity.


  • Effective Tyre lifecycle Management
  • Reduces Manual Work for Tyre Maintenance
  • Complete Stock details which leads to Maximized Productivity
  • Accurate details of distanced traveled
  • Performance analysis
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Ensures effective utilization of each tyre

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