GPS Tracking System For Ambulance Services to Save the Victims Life

November 21, 2011

ambulance tracking system

Ambulances are probably one of the most essential vehicles people rely on in times of need. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a unit that provides emergency service to save people life at critical hours. Lives of seriously injured people depend on the quick action and excellent care of emergency medical technicians. A recent study reveals that when EMS service ambulances are upgraded with GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions they can better serve public by cutting a critical two minutes of response time in the “Golden Hours”.

Technology developments have brought GPS to the forefront of geodetic investigations. GPS, global positioning systems has become an invaluable asset for Emergency Medical Service providers, healthcare industries which provide ambulance – emergency vehicle service to save patient’s lives. Especially medical professionals believe a minute can mean everything, and so the need for ambulance to install GPS in their vehicle is crucial for competitive growth. Ambulance tracking system facilitates primary treatment delivery even when patient is in the ambulance. Following the hospital’s advice, the ambulance crew can impart primary care or re-route the ambulance to the nearest hospital with specialists available. Having access to the patient data, the hospital is ready to deliver the right care, as the patient is brought in.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System has digital mapping feature which will instantly display the relevant map on the screen, directing the ambulance driver with shortest route to the spot where the call from was received. Optimized navigation to patient locations and eliminating address errors has enabled ambulances to transport patients to the nearest healthcare facility within next 15 – 20 minutes and give the patient a great chance to survive. Recent studies state that considerable reduction in response time of ambulances after installation of GPS technology has helped EMS service providers to perform well.

GPS Vehicle Tracking & Feet Management Solution allows better observation of the fleet and makes it feasible to keep a close watch over each and every ambulance out in the field. Features to monitor non-emergency speeding helps to have better control over driver behaviour. Most Emergency Medical Service providers see to a 25% increase in work orders after installation of GPS System in their fleet. GPS vehicle tracking system is absolutely a reliable technology and it’s one of the significant functional upgrade need to be made by many Emergency Medical Service providers to better serve people at need.

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