Benefits of Preventive Maintenance scheduling using telematics.

Nov 26, 2019

Vehicle Maintenanace Software

It is always good to develop and stick to your fleet’s Preventive Maintenance Schedule as you need to manage multiple assets and tasks efficiently. A schedule in place ensures you stick to routine service and identify issues quickly. If not organised, the vehicles may miss the routine maintenance, which can lead to unplanned expenses and downtime.

Opting for a Fleet Management Software, that’s currently in vogue and is GPS enabled, to manage and plan Preventive Maintenance Schedules, is the best solution. The system will also activate service reminders in real-time. Odometer readings can be used to trigger service reminders.

Telematics integrated to FMS

Fleet Management software with telematics integration allows accurate odometer updates and Daily Vehicle Inspection Report filing in real-time. A GPS enabled Fleet Management solution with the help of the software and analytics will be able to collect and store a cache of data. This data pool can be used for reporting, evaluation, estimation and forecasting. Trinetra FMS is a web-based fleet management software, with mobile app integration. It can cut costs and optimise operations, plus improve efficiency and productivity of staff (drivers) and assets, besides developing a Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule in line with business requirements.

Abnormal vehicle downtime signals an inefficient fleet maintenance process. The PM schedule helps you to avert downtime by the proactive approach it takes. It adheres closely to the vehicle manufacturer’s service recommendations, which is based usually on the mileage (odometer) readings, as it takes into account asset utilization, rather than a calendar.

Tracking with paper and Spreadsheets is highly inefficient. Whereas the software will work remarkably well with the mobile app. It will set reminders to update staff & fleet managers via push notifications or emails.

A vehicle telematics solution (FMS) is a good method to improve driver safety and compliance for the fleet. It enables Driver Management with real time feedback. Vehicle tracking will help you to see every driver and vehicle in real-time. and the software with the route optimisation solution, along with multi-map support will help to meet fleet requirements efficiently.

The monitoring can also prevent accidents, abuse and unnecessary or unplanned repairs of assets.  PM schedule not only improves the life of the vehicles but also helps to plan replacement of vehicles.

Preventive Maintenance can be complemented by Driver Management as drivers can be monitored and notified for bad driving methods that affect the condition of the assets. For instance, over speeding, harsh acceleration and braking that affect tyres and brake pads wear out can be deterred.

With Trinetra FMS implemented, your business can not only reduce costs, but increase customer satisfaction. If you’re interested to know more, visit our website – and drop in your enquiry online. If you like a demo, our team is ready to support your request.

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