How does Telematics improve ROI of your fleet?

Nov 04, 2019

Fleet Management Software

Ostensibly every technology and innovation that’s newly introduced for businesses and the industries, aims to improve the ROI of an enterprise. Fleet owners or fleet managers beset with poor utilisation of their assets or fleets are increasingly looking toward to a telematics oriented solution like a Fleet Management Software. Currently in vogue, GPS enabled FMS has greatly contributed to this effort and helped in higher growth and profits. Telematics technology has been introduced to support business enterprises. There are areas where fleets have benefited and ROI improved. Let’s look at some of the important ones here.

Safety & Compliance

A vehicle telematics solution (FMS) is a good method to improve driver safety and compliance of the fleet. The software not only monitors driving behaviour but can provide Driver Management with real time feedback to drivers on road for unsafe practices (like speeding or hard braking), that could lead to accidents. Accidents affect the working and profitability of the fleet, can cause unnecessary expenses, repairs and sometimes compensation and even affect insurance premiums. It also puts vehicle off the road (Downtime). With telematics involved, safety can be proactively prioritised. unsafe driver behaviour can be corrected.

Efficiency in Despatch.

Inefficiency of the despatch system can affect the bottom line of the company as less tasks are accomplished on a workday. If deliveries are not routed or rerouted efficiently business can be lost. With the telematics tech with vehicle tracking will help you to see every driver and vehicle in real time. and the software with route optimisation solution, with multi-map support will help to meet any urgent requirement to increase productivity or manage exigencies.

Driver Evaluation & Retention.

Hiring and training of employees are a costly affair and retaining good employees is necessary to improve efficiency and safety. With Driver Identification Readers evaluating drivers in the fleet aims to not only correct but also reward them. A gamification feature to reward safe driving motivates and improves their work.

A GPS enabled Fleet Management solution can with the help of software and analytics be able to collect and store a cache of data that can be used for reporting, evaluation, estimation and forecasting. Trinetra FMS is a web-based fleet management software, with mobile app integration. It can cut costs and optimise operations, plus improve efficiency and productivity of staff (drivers) and assets.

With Trinetra FMS, you can reduce costs, save lives, increase customer satisfaction. If you’re interested to know more, Drop us your enquiry online. our team is ready to support your request.

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