How fleet management software helps construction companies become efficient

Oct 14, 2021

Construction Fleet Management Software

Construction companies work in a different environment with unique challenges pertaining to their industry. Construction vehicles play an important role in the construction process and managing a fleet for the construction company is challenging to project managers on a daily basis. Managing the fleet which is in a good working condition will help managers get their job done better and faster over a defined period of time. Further, real time location monitoring which is a related tech in this space, is being considered by various industry leaders as a valuable utility that enables new workflow efficiencies for various sectors and many industries.

A construction fleet is a mix of vehicles and heavy equipment and this mostly depends on the construction job requiring compactors, concrete mixers and tankers, cranes, trucks, etc. Such vehicles require maintenance, supervision and tracking to ensure smooth operation and workflow. A construction firm that implements a digital fleet management system on a software platform gains huge benefits via reduction of costs and expenses, improved efficiency and productivity, ensuring compliance and safety norms. Further, we will see here how fleet management software that has revolutionised the transport and logistics sector, can help your construction business in many ways.

Track your Fleet in Real Time

Construction firms with projects in various location or sites have a problem of visibility to managers. Project Managers need to track vehicle location to manage delivery schedules, arrival and departure times for each vehicle. So fleet managers utilise the GPS tracking system found in the Fleet Management Software (FMS) to determine the exact location on a map interface in real-time. It helps them, for example, to find a crane on one site to be shifted to a new location for use there.

Plan Optimised Delivery Routes

In the construction industry that has many variables, delays are aplenty, but having a detailed schedule and complying to it translates to on-time delivery of a project. The GPS data helps to plan routes for your vehicles and optimize schedules and help in geo-fencing, to fit the needs of clients, to meet milestones to be achieved. Consistency is key to client expectation and satisfaction. Optimise route plans with the FMS lead to lower fuel costs and better vehicle utilisation.

Control Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is another huge consideration and the fleet management software helps control fuel spend. Optimised route plans, unnecessary idling, harsh driving and braking all affect fuel efficiency. Fuel data and specialised reports generated by the fleet management system can help to control fuel consumption.

Control Timing of Dispatch

To help project managers control the right timings and dispatch the right vehicle invest in a fleet management software like that of Trinetra Wireless. Some sites may not have the space to accommodate the supply trucks or mixers, which is why it is important to coordinate the arrival and departure timings to and from the sites, to calculate the ETA more accurately in real-time.

Avert Invoicing Issues

In the construction industry the sheer size of a project can cause payment delays and invoice disputes which can snowball into big expenses. The fleet management software is a great tool that can support with data to help stakeholders get clarity and proof to resolve invoicing issues of fleet owners or fleet managers.

Recover Lost Vehicles

One of the major problems of construction firms is equipment and vehicle theft. The cost of lost or stolen assets far extends beyond just the value, as it affects on-time delivery and opportunities. With a fleet tracking system, it will be easier to track stolen or lost assets and also helps law enforcement officers. The GPS tech can also set alarms and alerts to warn stakeholders.


Trinetra Wireless provides you a proven, dependable, customisable mobile asset tracking software which can be integrated with other systems installed in a construction company. Using telematics technology with Data Analytics, the fleet management software can generate, process and analyse the data to transform it into valuable and insightful reports or information to concerned stakeholders.

Invest in the right fleet management software to effectively address dispatch, scheduling, certain inefficiencies, downtime, identify non-compliance and other discrepancies to enable you to take prompt corrective action and strategic decisions in time.

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