Why you should Consider Implementing a Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking System

Oct 06, 2021

Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking System

A Real-Time Location System (RTLS) is more than just a way to attach an electronic tag to an item to find it where it is when you want. It is being considered by various industry leaders as a valuable utility that enables new workflow efficiencies in various sectors and many businesses. Although the task of selecting and deploying a RTLS may seem difficult, it just requires unique technologies to get it done right. Every business has its own range of unique pain points and no one RTLS solution can exactly address any business with equal effectiveness. The system requires a combination of diverse technologies for locating assets, protecting staff as well as sensing or measuring environmental conditions.

Auto industry and transportation sector leads the way

The automobile industry seems to be leading the drive in implementing Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT. On the other hand, in manufacturing industries the development of making workflow more visible is already in progress or implemented in some way. The objective is to track and measure items, asset or goods throughout the process from goods inwards up to final dispatch. The transportation industry has its version in fleet management software and GPS technology. The aim of some companies is to make the complete production process more visible, efficient and eventually more profitable.

RTLS uses various technologies

RTLS makes available knowledge or data by delivering precise visibility inputs of critical and moving assets, as in supply chain, manufacturing and mobile human endeavour, in real-time.

Considerations for Implementation

Considering transportation and logistics enterprises or services, this system uses wireless technology and provides end-to-end visibility, also offers the traceability of vehicles, all Containers, pallets, and packages. For manufacturers, it enables intelligent management and monitoring flow of all critical assets, whether in a facility or at an expansive storage space. Considering security and safety operations, it’s for controlling or monitoring employee access to ensure they don’t enter into hazardous or restricted areas, violating safety norms or requirements.

RTLS used indoors is just GPS on steroids for tracking, locating and monitoring the activity of assets. RTLS has found application in warehousing, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, education and other sectors for managing and enhancing workflow efficiency, safety, asset tracking and for inventory control and has been found to positively affect ROI.

When going for implementation of RTLS, you have to consider Location accuracy of the system, the update speeds possible, the reliability of devices, the scalability of the system and capabilities of integration in terms of hardware and software.


Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable asset tracking software which can be integrated with other systems running in the company that includes those used to manage your vehicles and fleets. Using telematics technology and Data Analytics, it can generate, process and analyse the data to turn it, valuable and insightful information to all stakeholder. Choose the right FMS software to effectively address inefficiencies and identify non-compliance, location status and other discrepancies quickly and to enable you to take strategic decisions and corrective action.

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