Cost-effective solution for Tours and Travel Industry

February 20, 2017

Cost-effective solution for Tours and Travel Industry

Recently technology has changed the lives of many people to an extend it has eased our day to day travel. Tourism and travelling is also changing equally due to the advancement in technology. The latest invention in technology-GPS vehicle tracking system will serve as the cost-effective solution for Tour and Travel industry. GPS based vehicle tracking system provides accurate vehicle location details along with real-time maps, speed, fuel monitoring and traffic updates etc.

Below are the ways that shows the benefits that a travel industry can gain with GPS vehicle tracking system:

  • Better Route Allocation: Better route selection/allocation will help in better utilization of resources, reduces operating costs and user satisfaction for a peaceful journey
  • View Points: On-line maps will show the easiest route to reach destinations along with traffic updates and the estimated time of arrival to the targeted destination
  • ETA: Knowing the expected arrival time of vehicle at certain point helps to manage customers by notifying the vehicle close to user defined landmarks
  • Delays: In advance notifies the delays and deviations in vehicle arrival and timings from the assigned route are also conveyed
  • Reports: Generates detailed reports on user journey and vehicle usage
  • Unauthorized AC Usage: Along with the detailed report, the system generates an alert for whenever driver is going for the unapproved use of AC in tourist buses.
  • Alerts: Protects and secures assets by detecting any unauthorized movement and speed limit exploitation

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