Why does Emergency/Rescue transportation vehicle need Fleet maintenance?

February 25, 2017

Why does Emergency Rescue transportation vehicle need Fleet maintenance1

Maintenance is an important factor to be considered in quality assurance, transportation sector takes a vital role in vehicle maintenance and the need for maintenance is equally important. when it comes to fleet maintenance and repair, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Now this is becoming true in the complex nature of today’s commercial vehicle management.

When unforeseen vehicle repairs and ongoing fleet maintenance issues arise, productivity, client satisfaction and business reputation will get disrupted. This maintenance issues greatly affects emergency vehicles which has to be in place at the required time, for such vehicles regular monitoring and proper maintenance is beyond a need and its must.

Among many emergency vehicles admins cannot have a proper plan for each and every vehicle even if they have a proper plan there are many chances for missing out some schedules this many lead to some unforeseen issues that might trouble in emergency situations.

Fleet maintenance software’s are the One-stop solution for all these emergency vehicle maintenances. Automated fleet maintenance solutions will have all features to maintain a vehicle properly.

Fleet management and maintenance software’s consists of maintenance scheduling and alerting features in case of brake failure and Tyre replacements etc., This is also a kind of preventive solutions that helps to avoid vehicle getting into trouble

 Below are the benefits that an organization can achieve with its fleet maintenance software

  • Unlimited number of maintenance schedules for all the vehicles based on the business rules
  • Automate fleet maintenance schedules
  • Preferences can be set to schedule a maintenance plan
  • Keeping track of unplanned maintenance done for vehicles
  • Send Email / SMS alerts to fleet owners
  • Maintenance history based on the type of vehicles
  • Statistical reports to provide insight on better fleet management
  • Take faster and accurate business decisions

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