Effective fleet performance measurement with KPI’s

Sep 10, 2018

In recent years, as technology progresses vast data has become available for fleet managers to look beyond historical indicators, like fuel economy or accidents per pre-defined miles, and incorporate supporting measures that use vehicle data such as idling, harsh braking or acceleration, speeding, average time at each customer site, revenue per visit, etc. Combining the vehicle maintenance data with businesses strategic customer goals lead to clearly-define KPIs that drive business performance.

Here are the top key performance indicators that support to improve fleet performance

Fuel consumption

Using fuel economy and maintenance as a performance indicator can help fleet managers identify fleets which indicate high fuel consumption with behaviours like speeding and unnecessary idling, etc. so that drivers can be informed ahead to avoid them in future.

Empty Miles

A truck driving back empty to the original point after making a delivery is known as deadheading, and the distance travelled when empty is the empty mileage. Getting a clear picture of empty miles and how fleets are used daily will help fleet managers in planning and optimising asset utilisation and thereby reducing empty miles.

Fleet Utilization

Significant KPI to measure active fleets, showcases how actively fleets are utilized, it compares how much time each unit was inactive and idle.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance schedules of fleets are essential for fleet managers. Preventive Maintenance Compliance as a kpi, measures this aspect of fleet management; vehicles within the fleet must be repaired regularly since it lowers long-term maintenance practices, cost, and fleet downtime. This performance indicator gives fleet managers the capability to schedule and undertake maintenance practices on time.

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