Is Mobile the Future of Fleet Management?

Aug 8, 2018

A recent study says that by 2025, 80 billion devices are predicted to be connected to the internet—a significant increase from the less than 20 billion today

Mobile devices aren’t just used for communication but as tools to manage every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. Unsurprisingly, mobile technology is also converging with the fleet management industry. With more and more companies embracing it to run operations and improve productivity. In fact, mobile applications are forecasted to have an increasingly tighter integration into fleet vehicles, specifically with providing data on health checks, mileage, and vehicle performance.

Key advantages of having mobile for fleet management and becomes the future for a reason

  • Improved response time

A fleet management solution that is mobile-ready, would allow fleet managers to monitor fleets anywhere, anytime. If there is any issue, you will immediately be notified, resulting in a quicker response.

  • Paperless documentations 

Drivers can log their journey, how long they were driving, and other information that fleet managers need to track. Since every detail is stored in the cloud, it can be downloaded anytime, eliminating the need to sort through stacks of papers

  • Less paperwork 

Your drivers will not need to carry a lot of important documents that are prone to being lost. For instance, Mobile apps can capture signatures needed for transactions forms.

  • Increased accuracy 

A centralised system that tracks every step of the process means information would only need to be input once. It decreases the chances of human errors brought by manual data entry and allows you to easily look back on previous transactions and completed jobs. Digital data entry also removes the risk of inaccurate information

  • Simplified maintenance

Integrating vehicle details on mobile apps makes it easier and less time-consuming. Supporting to easily have a look at the current conditions of your vehicles, see any failure trends, and schedule maintenance checks.

With mobile technology affecting and changing the way fleets are operated, business owners now have the opportunity to make fleet management easier and more efficient. Incorporate mobile solutions into your process and watch it increase your bottom-line.

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