Food Safety and profitability of refrigerated trucks depend on temperature monitors

Dec 21, 2018

As the consumer goods market expands, more and more refrigerated trucks and trailers move perishable goods and foods on wholesale basis under a clock, which is serious responsibility. As more products are shifted from fields to shelves, an increasing number of people, like farmers, marketers, retailers and restaurants are getting involved in shipping perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and others.

On one side is the responsibility of food safety and on the other side is the profitability of the operations. Both greatly depend on temperature monitoring! Key to this kind of operation is the monitoring system of temperature sensors set on fleets of refrigerated trucks.

GPS Temperature Monitoring

GPS assisted Temperature monitoring solution helps maintain food safety and quality, and also profitability of the operations for fleet managers/owners. It can be additionally tracked using mobile application.The fleet management system has integrated various monitors to observe and track on many parameters that the operator critically requires to access. The web- based wireless system can be customized and installed to meet the client’s specifications. It provides not only the live temperature status but can also locate each vehicle, in real time position and location online.

Alerts & Notifications

The system can also trigger real-time alerts and notifications if the temperature limits exceed the pre-set limits. The sensors send readings at regular intervals about ongoing temperature updates and enables managers to gain complete control, protect refrigerated cargo and deliver safely everytime.

Vehicle Tracking & Maintenance

The fleet management solution helps fleet managers monitor and track the trip history of each vehicle, and enables access to accurate reports for the whole fleet. The live monitoring on factors like speed or idling time, also assists in better driver assessment & management which also goes to improve the fuel efficiency and maintenance of the fleet.

Maximize productivity

Trinetra fleet management software can help reduce product loss and spoilage of perishable cargo, in compliance to many objectives of the company, standards, regulations and to the cold storage industry. Managers and supervisors can extract reports on vehicle usage, overtime, real time tracking of consignment, delivery efficiency and plan delivery routes, plus identify logistical inefficiencies.

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