Bring Control to the Chaos of Fleet Operations with FMS

Dec 25, 2018

We could see many companies struggle managing their fleet operations, to grow your business and stay on top, track your vehicles instantly through advanced GPS facilities. Every fleet manager / operator knows the complexities in operating a fleet of vehicles efficiently and productively, laden with the tasks of proper planning of deliveries / pickups and /or service calls. By using an advanced fleet management software, you can minimize downtime, you could increase fuel efficiency, improve mileage, watch driver safety, smooth running of your vehicles etc seamlessly.

Simple and comprehensive management of day-to-day fleet operations, assigning and planning daily tasks, scheduling routes and drivers, all help to maximize resources utilization and to drive up productivity. Undoubtedly optimized schedules and planned routes, live tracking, geo fencing, facilitates you to keep track of each and every information regarding the fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Operations with FMS

  • Identify and use the most cost-effective route options.
  • Ensure quick response to last minute scheduling changes
  • Accommodate more delivery/calls in real-time.
  • Spend less time in planning routes using updated data available.
  • Optimize on Driver Utilization boost their morale and improve productivity.
  • Reduce mileage of vehicles and thereby save in maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Optimizing routes improves arrivals and delivery, thereby increasing Customer Satisfaction.

With Trinetra FMS you can get rid of Chaos in Fleet Management, besides Get control over your maintenance and service repair processes that can assist you streamline your operations, cut Needless costs and run a better business. The smart fleet management system provides you with the insights required to helps you make better decisions, reduces manual data entry, avoid vehicle downtime, give you on the go access, to run your operations as smoothly as possible. To know more in detail about us, visit us @  or leave us an enquiry and we will get back to you.

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