Geofencing can actually save your fleet lots of money

Aug 05, 2019

Geofencing can actually save your fleet lots of money

Fleet managers are always on the lookout to save money in fleet operations and GPS technology that helps in remote monitoring and tracking of vehicles, is a boon to them. With the help of this technology the geofencing API can help fleet managers define perimeters, which is also called geofences, which is used to surround the areas as needed. The device sensors detect accurately the location to keep track of vehicles. If the vehicle enters or leaves the geofenced area, a notification is automatically triggered. So, go for a fleet management software supporting geofencing. Monitoring the driver and vehicle becomes an automated affair and helps to save a lot of money.

Here are some of the real-time benefits of geofencing your fleet and operations.

Geofencing prevents theft. If a vehicle has a planned route and area of operation, once the vehicle goes outside the geofence, you’ll be alerted. If it is stolen and you can act quickly to recover it. It’s a kind of insurance policy against vehicle theft.

Tracking and monitoring benefits. Check on vehicles arriving and leaving the destined site, it keeps drivers on schedule and driver accountability, plus a real-time record of the driver’s progress.

Helps in time management and payroll calculation. Keep in track field technicians and those paid on hourly basis, on a virtual Timecard based on the job sites allocated. You can automate many of the processes to save time and draw reports.

Helps build business intelligence. Geofencing creates opportunity to generate more information that leads to key performance indicators and better decision making. Workflows can be streamlined and resources idle/underutilized can be deployed in quick TAT. Unauthorised work and other violations too can be detected to later draw useful reports for analysis.

The geofencing API allows you to define perimeters, referred to as geofences, which surround the areas of interest you specify. The software intelligently uses the device sensors to accurately detect the location of the device/assets in a battery-efficient way. The system is scalable and web hosted for easy access in real-time.

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