Benefit from efficient route planning and monitoring

Jul 15, 2019

Benefit from efficient route planning and monitoring

Fleet owners and companies have to be on the look out to keep operating costs down. They have to explore ways and means to cut cost of running the fleet and fleet monitoring along with route planning is one of the first and best step to optimise journeys and economise running costs.

Fleets of all sizes and scales have to ensure that the journeys are always cost-effective and time efficient to improve business performance Fleet managers have to chart journeys so as to travel shorter distances and yet maximise productivity. Intelligent route planning and monitoring are the key factors to optimize route journeys, increase productivity and offer better customer experience. This is where a Fleet Management System software comes into play. The Route Planning and Monitoring module is important for route management and better fleet utilisation for fleet managers. It also minimises fuel consumption, which is a major daily spend for the fleet company.

An important planning tool

The route being planned is a challenge to be done manually as innumerable stops and alternative directions taken. Therefore, an FMS tool for intelligently routing the vehicles’ journey using GPS tracking technology for monitoring deviation and position in real time is critical. It can process data recorded to generate numerous reports that can evaluate performance of vehicles and drivers. All details of stoppage, delivery times, departure and arrival times can be recorded to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. It helps in forward planning and for unexpected events too.

The benefits of the software

The application helps in complying to Service Level Agreements, regulations. The integrated mobile app can facilitate automatic generation of notifications and alerts, helping to manage and control routes in real-time and customer service. The GPS tech can also help in Geo-fencing the vehicles’ routes. You will be able It helps in better business planning.

An efficient fleet management software aims to provide you the insights to make everything clear, visible and understandable. It is installed to generate various types of data, which can be documented for offering different insights and for future review and audit.

Trinetra Wireless offers an integrated fleet management system, with customisation, that enables your fleet business to improve safety, efficiency and productivity. Place an enquiry online, and our team will contact you. Otherwise, you ask us for a demo. You can also visit our website for more information.

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