Get the benefits for your Transport and Logistics sector from GPS Tracking system

July 29, 2016

Get the benefits for your Transport and Logistics sector from GPS Tracking system

Today Transportation and Logistics industry face lots of challenges when it comes to driver behaviour monitoring, shipment security etc., also many business owners are worried about on time goods delivery this helps them to gain customer satisfaction and repeated business. GPS Tracking system for fleet management helps in locating the targeted vehicle for smooth functioning of Transport and Logistics industry.

Vehicle tracking system for Transportation and logistics takes care of secure transportation of goods by keeping a real time track of fleet vehicles and companies can get up to date information of vehicle during transit.

Apart from knowing the vehicle status, Transport and Logistics companies can get the below benefits from GPS Tracking system:

  • Vehicle violation notifications
  • On-time delivery of goods
  • Optimization of routes
  • Identifying and overcoming logistical inefficiencies with inventory management
  • Real-time tracking of multiple time sensitive deliveries
  • Efficient management of fleet maintenance schedules
  • Identification of unreliable or unskilled drivers with driver management feature
  • Monitoring events such as harsh braking, idle time and Geozone entry/exit
  • Intelligent reports on various objectives such fleet utilization, fuel usage, tyre management etc.,
  • Panic buttons that help to alert fleet manager during unexpected emergencies.

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