Why Vehicle tracking system for Oil and Gas companies

August 09, 2016

Why Vehicle tracking system for Oil and Gas companies

In today’s world operations in remote locations and unsafe environments require reliable solutions that perform better at the time of need. Safe and efficient operations are key to the energy industry, especially for Oil and Gas exploration and production. Health, safety and precautionary solutions are crucial components for improved safety within the organization and uptime of facilities to plant, equipment and vehicles.

Vehicle tracking and Fleet management solutions has been proven to enhance safety and drive benefits for Oil and Gas companies. FMS are specifically tailored to the needs of Oil and Gas business including driver identification, temperature sensing, vehicle status monitoring etc.,

Here are the key reasons for why Oil and Gas companies need Vehicle Tracking System

Immediate Response

Real-time alerts and notifications can be enabled with GPS vehicle tracking solutions. This is highly important to improve performance and essential for immediate location awareness that helps to respond in emergency situations.

Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour is significant for business reputation and risk mitigation. Fleet management system facilitates in monitoring driver accountability, driving patterns and also driver management feature helps in reducing Driver Fatigue & Accident Management.

Mapping Services

GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system helps in mapping vast regions to facilitate easy transportation of Oil and Gas essentials by taking the shortest path to reach destination. Also assist business owners to closely monitor each and every oilfield vehicle’s movement in the specified location thereby tracking the exact time of distribution of oil to the customer’s gas station.

Beyond the key reasons below are the advantages that an oil and gas company can gain from Vehicle tracking system

  • Improved Safety and Customer Service
  • Help drivers avoid heavy traffic and accidents
  • Knowing trucks location in case of emergency
  • Keeping drivers on task
  • Finding efficient routes that reduce delivery times
  • Real-time coordination with fleet’s efforts to perform tasks more efficiently

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