GPS Tracking For School Bus. How Does It benefit?

April 23, 2013

GPS Tracking For School Bus. How Does It benefit1

Child Safety Assurance is a top priority for schools.

With the rising of unpredicted hazards and progressively more time consuming life styles it is becoming hectic to keep up a balance between protection and productivity. Thanks to the modern technology about considering the safety of kids and to relieve their parents from stress, School Bus GPS Tracking Software has been introduced at affordable prices.

Nowadays parents are starting to rely highly on GPS vehicle tracking devices to ensure safety of their children during their commute in school bus. Let’s have a quick glance about how school bus equipped with GPS Tracking Devices can benefit parents and school as well:

Benefits of GPS Tracking Software for the School:

  • No special software installation required, log in and view the data
  • Helps in maintaining the data in an organized way
  • Manage complete information about children emergency contact number, Blood group, parent’s/guardian number, bus routes etc
  • Efficiently track the school bus route, speed, late arrivals or early departures, start and stop time of the bus and various other information like school bus number, driver name, and driver license information.
  • Map out the shortest route for the school bus driver, in order to avoid wrong turns or high traffic areas.
  • Track the mileage and travel duration of the school bus including current location and estimated time of arrival at the bus stop
  • Instant alerts if the school bus goes out of the constrained areas using ‘Geofencing’.

Benefits of GPS Tracking Software for Parents:

  • Parents can have the peace of mind that the school bus is being monitored throughout the journey
  • Parents can call/SMS to a predefined number and enquire about the correct location of the school bus
  • Parents can view the real-time movement of the school bus through digital maps.
  • Parents can effortlessly track the time of their child spent in the school bus.

And finally, GPS tracking can helps in safe-guarding children from being kidnapped. Since recent cases of missing children are ever-increasing, it makes perfect sense of utilizing Trinetra – GPS vehicle tracking technology to keep children safe and it is a boon to both school officials and parents.

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