GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Help You Reduce Accidents!

May 15, 2013

GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Help You Reduce Accidents!

The primary reason behind the companies/business implementing GPS vehicle tracking solutions is to safeguard their employees and their high value assets/vehicles. In addition to preventing vehicle theft and misuse, GPS tracking devices helps in reducing the frequency of mishaps, which means securing fleet drivers from harm and reducing vehicle wear and tear.

Organizations that implement vehicle tracking solutions benefit from a lesser risk of accidents and injuries. Some of the alerts that help in reducing accidents are:

  • Alerts on speeding violations
  • Alerts on seat belt reminders
  • Alerts on harsh braking
  • Alerts on rapid accelerating
  • Alerts on engine maintenance / performance status notifications
  • Two-way driver communication systems

Monitoring driver behavior is highly important to enhance safety on the roads and to reduce the harsh driving habits. It is a common fact that, if the fleet drivers are aware about they are being monitored, they drive more cautiously and responsibly which results in smaller amount of crash and dangerous accidents. With Trinetra’s alerts, fleet managers can stay ahead of routine maintenance, important vehicle repairs and can additionally address emergency situations or can take critical management decisions immediately with the help of real time alerts & reports.

Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution has been a valuable addition to many small & large organizations’s fleet. So how many accidents do your fleet has undergone so far? Contact us today to know more by trying GPS tracking for your fleets to reduce major disaster.

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