How many businesses now benefit from GPS truck tracking software system

Jan 17, 2022

gps truck tracking software system

The world is changing fast and consumer expectations too are also changing, which has impacted operations of the supply chain. Businesses and organisations that use fleet operators and fleet vehicle services, from heavy-duty trucks to local delivery vans, are all increasingly accepting GPS enabled truck tracking software applications. This fleet management system uses a telematics device connected to and installed in the truck or vehicle, to gather necessary information or data. The fleet management software application unlocks benefits from the data streaming in real-time from the on-board devices and sensors. The data is processed to bring out insightful reports to better manage the business. Mobile app integration has helped users to use a dashboard that is connected via Bluetooth, USB or Cellular connectivity, offering a better User Experience (UX).

The Many Benefits from a Truck Tracking Application

A wide range of businesses use truck tracking software as a key part of their operations. The trucking industry has a very high adoption rate of fleet management software. This is because of the benefits and high customer expectation being seen. There’s a rise in demand by fast shipping and delivery expectation and also from companies following on-demand manufacturing model, making order tracking and ETA accuracy critical.

Local delivery companies are some of the earliest adopters of vehicle tracking software to use ETAs and plan more efficient delivery routes to cut costs. Construction companies have also adopted a version of the fleet management software to track their vehicles, equipment and assets. Truck tracking software are being used by a number of other industries. Fleet operators, trucking companies and local delivery companies are early adopters of vehicle tracking software system.

Better Customer Experience

For any business, retaining customers is possible only by giving a good customer experience. Using the fleet management software helps a 5% increase in customer retention, reflecting in more profits. Usually better reviews help in choosing a vendor. Customers are happy with realistic ETAs, faster response times and detailed reports offered by a Truck Fleet Management Software application.

Automates & Streamlines processes.

Truck tracking software can turn manual processes into automated tasks and processes, saving a lot of time and effort for the company and customers. Centralising paperwork such as fuel receipts, forms and proof of delivery are examples. Employee’s hours of service reports can be instantly recorded.

Controlling Operating Costs

Costs eat away profit margins and fleet truck tracking applications help to control and reduce operating costs. This is by reducing unproductive miles on road with route planning. It helps with proper driver assignment, reducing misuse of vehicles, locating trucks, proactive maintenance, maximising utilisation and right-sizing the fleet.

Better Compliance

With the help of the fleet management software, Vehicle Inspection Reports can be generated and stored. Driver monitoring and engagement also helps in compliance besides keeping documents up-to-date, it helps to identify and prevent dangerous driving behaviour.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The GPS enable tracking software helps in reducing unnecessary miles by route map planning, supports preventive maintenance, enabling better uptime and resource utilisation. Addressing driver behaviour improves safety and longevity of vehicle. Scaling up the fleet is easier with fleet management software.

Optimising Operations

Fuel management help to reduce costs of operations. The telematics tech used will help track the fleet vehicle to help reduce idling time, unnecessary stoppages and detours on the scheduled delivery route. Data transmission and generation by the system helps fleet managers to review, track and improve operations. Communication between driver and all other stakeholders improves efficiency. It is further supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle diagnosis data.

In Conclusion.

Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable, reliable FMS software that uses  telematics technology and Data Analytics and can be integrated with other systems used in your fleet business. The web-hosted system can generate, process and analyse the data, to convert it into valuable and insightful information for fleet managers or truck operators. The right fleet management software will effectively address inefficiencies and identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly, which will enable strategic decision-making and corrective action for problem solving and improving your ROI.

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