Streamline FMCG transportation up to the last mile with fleet management software

Jan 21, 2022

Fleet Management Software Solutions for FMCG Industry

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is the most widespread industry involved in the production, packaging and distribution of consumer goods. Generally, FMCG goods have a short shelf-life and may need refrigeration, but the transportation of these products on time is a critical factor that spells success in the industry. FMCG companies therefore need speed, safety and accuracy in delivering the product up to the last mile. Tight schedules are given for delivering perishable goods over long distances but within a short time. To alleviate the challenges faced in this transportation and delivery process, companies and distributors are resorting to technology like a GPS enable tracking software.

Implementing a GPS fleet tracking software for success of FMCG

By implementing a vehicle tracking software which is GPS enabled, fleet managers, distributors, delivery managers or whoever has the responsibility will get an advantage as they can monitor vehicle in their fleet in real-time basis using the fleet tracking software. the can detect wrong delivery assignment, delay in transit, fuel wastage, unnecessary idling or stoppages, choosing longer routes to destinations. All these factors affect the potential for loss besides the disruption of delivery schedules crucial to the business. The GPS tracker of the fleet management solution will keep updating on movement and other parameters constantly in real time and keep records for later analysis and insightful report generation.

The software is customisable to the transporter or fleet managers’ needs or requirements and integrates many aspects to streamline the workflow. Standardisation of process will result in no dependence on manual intervention. The live tracking data will help also customers be aware of ETA and other parameters. Route map optimisation, Geo-fencing and delivery route history can be integrated with the software to optimise operations, trigger notifications/alerts and cut costs. The software is scalable and can accommodate anything from delivery vans to heavy-duty trucks.

Advent of E-Commerce & On Time Door Delivery adds opportunity.

With the marketplace practices changing to consumer needs, the advent of digital shopping or e-commerce has also brought about a new surge, supporting the online business entity with door-step delivery services. The FMCG companies have also boarded this bandwagon. Even retailers now have an online presence and are conducting business successfully on a digital platform (eg. Amazon). FMCG products have adopted to this digital retailing methodology and the trend is growing worldwide. The last mile delivery of FMCG is critical in this type of business and this is where FMS tracking technology with GPS, greatly helps the stakeholders involved from end to end. This trend is generally being called the “Amazon Effect”, as the Amazon company has maintained its lead since debut in online selling globally, to foreshadow brick-and-mortar store sales. To support e-commerce portals, distribution and delivery services must be put into use. This is also where GPS fleet management software is playing a crucial role.

The economics of Last Mile Delivery

There has been a growing need for the on-demand delivery model and with the advent of online businesses, like Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy and others. These modern online businesses require a reliable system to meet delivery requirements such as same-day shipping, on-demand delivery, next-day deliveries and digital payments.

A fleet management software like the Trinetra FMS, addresses the challenges of last-mile delivery by offering pick-up and delivery management, hassle-free GPS tracking of assets, besides easy assignment of tasks for complete management of the system. The software will help to deliver faster and cheaper.

A delivery management module makes the last mile delivery operations easy, smart and automated. It offers end-to-end visibility and real-time control that can include features like delivery order allocation & dispatch, tracking & route optimisation besides electronic POD and payment options. Supported by mobile app integration the delivery scheduling and tracking software puts the client/user in full control of delivery operations.

In Conclusion.

Trinetra offers a customisable, reliable fleet management solution that leverages  telematics technology and Data Analytics. It can be integrated with other systems present in the fleet operations or transport service. This software application is a web-hosted system that can generate, process and analyse data and convert it into valuable and insightful information for delivery service agents, fleet managers or truck operators. The right fleet management software will effectively address inefficiencies and identify any non-compliance or other discrepancies quickly. It’ll enable your management with strategic decision-making and support corrective action for problem solving and also improve your ROI.

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