How a Fleet Management Scorecard Can Benefit Business?

October 13, 2017

How a Fleet Management Scorecard Can Benefit Business

Today fleet owners/managers are facing enormous challenges in managing driver behaviours, controlling transport and fuel costs, vehicle maintenance costs etc., Diverse solutions take active part in monitoring fleets, but comprehensive fleet management solutions will be effective in ways of managing fleets, risk and variable costs.

More than just monitoring the locations and distances travelled smart Fleet Management system help fleet owners to get the effective insight information about their fleet asset base that facilitates to make informed decisions on how to best optimise fleet efficiency and productivity. The information generated can be delivered in real time, allowing to make timely, effective decisions.

Such information that are generated timely gives the clear status of vehicle in every aspect that are stated as score cards, these can be generated for multiple parameters like driver behaviour monitoring, fleet performance monitoring etc., how score cards can benefit businesses with multiple fleet vehicles? Below are the advantages that any business can gain with score cards.

Driver Scorecards:
  • Shows the impact of driver behaviour on fuel economy
  • Helps to maintain driver interest and attention with ongoing monitoring
  • Reinforce driving behaviours to implement significant and lasting change
  • Determine improvements in safe driving behaviour
  • Detailed back-up information on the behaviours drivers exhibited
Fleet Scorecard:
  • Easy to understand graphs and illustrations make it easy to track progress
  • Detailed analysis provides insight into each activity
  • Develop baseline measurements of driving habits through a driver scorecard
  • Weekly / Monthly reports helps in knowing the exact fleet vehicle status
  • Personalized reporting on every fleet vehicle

These user-friendly scorecards automatically generate reports based on user defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so it’s easier for businesses to make the best decisions on fleet performance fleet safety, compliance and the overall fleet efficiency.

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