IoT Technology for Developing Smart City

October 17, 2017

IoT Technology for Developing Smart City

IoT is an emerging technology that creates a massive network of things communicating with one another. It encompasses a broad set of technologies, hardware and software stacks. Data, humans, devices and communication are the crucial elements that forms an IoT ecosystem. For a developing country with quite limited technology penetration an efficient architecture of IoT needs to be implemented based on the present advanced technology.

Smart city is an important concept for the development of any nation. It is for every government to offer different services to its citizens and IoT helps significantly to achieve this purpose. With IoT solutions for smart city development it is possible to communicate transparently and seamlessly with large number of homogeneous and heterogeneous systems, while having selected access to data for designing numerous digital services.

Below are the key advantages of smart city development
  • Improves city infrastructure and transforms existing infrastructure more scalable
  • Helps in creating more efficient and cost effective city services
  • Enhanced public transportation, reduced traffic congestion and improves quality of life
  • Safer for people engaged in a community
  • Enables sustainable economic growth

Overall this IoT platform for smart city development helps to function as a key mechanism that integrates smart technologies and enables the rapid delivery of new applications that helps to create a connected Smart City ecosystem.

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