How schools benefit with GPS Tracking? Why school bus need to be tracked?

March 16, 2017

How schools benefit with GPS Tracking-Why school bus need to be tracked

Why school bus need to be tracked

Every parent today, believe school bus transportation is safer, they trust both school management and drivers and what hasn’t changed, though, is the parental impulse to know where their kids are? And technology has evolved to accommodate their needs.

Without compromising safety and security an advanced solution will be perfect for transportation, in this scenario school bus need GPS tracking system.

A GPS tracking system will improve school bus efficiency and provide instant alerts in real-time to know the child and school bus whereabouts. The world of K-12 transportation is now becoming far more complex in recent decades, transportation through school bus has been made simpler and are far less predictable today than they were 20 years ago in case of pickup and drop schedules, locations etc.,

According to a recent survey about fleet vehicles, increased use of technology improved the satisfaction level of parents considering more about school bus safety, which includes student and vehicle status tracking, as well as improved screening of driving behaviours.

Listed down are the benefits of GPS Tracking system for School bus tracking

  • Send alert to parents when their child gets off at the wrong bus stop, when bus is late, when there’s bad weather, an accident or emergency, this feature improves response time and manage concerned parent calls with the necessary insight
  • If a student never got on a bus immediate notification will be sent to both school and parent, ensures that the child is never out of sight
  • Monitors fleet on a detailed map with details such as bus speed, unauthorized stops and location deviation

Now It’s time for schools to think about GPS Tracking technology and utilize its benefits. Parents can gain peace of mind by having the answer to the age-old question: It’s 3 p.m.: Do you know where you children are? Get instant fleet details and improve safety of school bus transportation, for more details visit or look into our solution offerings.

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