Ignoring fleet safety is dangerous and adhering to it is the need of the hour

Feb 4, 2019

Impacts of ignoring Fleet maintenance

Fleet managers and owners always run effective maintenance programmes to keep profitability up, maintain RoI, improve efficiency, keep costs down and maintain fleet safety. The fleet management programme has inbuilt periodical checks and on-going maintenance schedules that have to be adhered to by the concerned staff. It is a good way to optimise resources for the company and to maximise fleet safety for the benefit of employees, customers and other road users. Although this is a simple strategy, ignoring fleet safety could be dangerous and expensive error too.

If vehicles being operated are not roadworthy, or are in poor condition, it could cost the fleet operator a lot of money. If your fleet has poorly maintained vehicles and they stop while on road, you not only spend money on repairs but lose vehicle productivity for the period it is off the road, besides affecting operations. Furthermore, in some situations you could face legal problems and have to pay fines too. So make sure your vehicles are maintained to perform regularly and safely.

Studies State that Telematics technology adoption can reduce maintenance/ repair costs by about 14%. Telematics can have a significant positive impact on a fleet’s overall operating costs. By undertaking a strategic business investment in using Trinetra Fleet Maintenance Software you can maximise bottom-line returns.

Few steps you can take to ensure fleet safety, plus overcome fleet maintenance problems and by adopting a fleet management software.

  • Ensure that drivers follow the traffic rules and regulations; monitor them (using telematics) for driver behaviour; send alerts or notifications to minimise violations and maximise safety of public road users.
  • Ensure the loads are safely secured in transit and vehicles are not overloaded, or maintain the stipulated weight, as it reflects in cost of maintenance too.
  • See that the vehicle’s papers, insurance cover and driver’s papers are all in order, currently.
  • Compliance is followed not because of the threat of sanctions, but as mandatory and for safety of the public using the road.
  • GPS Tracking helps in tyre management, to monitor an expensive and wearable part, to increase tyre life and avoid risks of tyre failure or blowouts, which is a safety issue too.

To know more details about Trinetra’s fleet management system and how it can help you in safety and productivity of your fleet, contact us, or visit www.trinetrawireless.com. Or just leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch.

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