IoT Implementation strategies for Smart city management

Aug 22, 2018

According to a research approximately 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. This rapid urban growth will bring constrains in the existing infrastructure, to accommodate this new demand on cities, municipalities around the globe are turning to the Internet of Things innovation to enhance their services, reduce costs, and improve communication and interaction. The potential is there for IoT to improve nearly every aspect of urban living with the top three IoT applications for smart cities..

Smart Parking

With the help of GPS data from drivers’ smart phones, smart parking solutions determine whether the parking spots are occupied or available and create a real-time parking map. When the closest parking spot becomes free, drivers receive a notification and use the map on their phone to find a parking spot faster and easier

Waste management

IoT-enabled smart city solutions help to optimize waste collecting schedules by tracking waste levels, as well as providing route optimization and operational analytics.Each waste container gets a sensor that gathers the data about the level of the waste in a container. Once it is close to a certain threshold, the waste management solution receives a sensor record, processes it, and sends a notification to a truck driver’s mobile app. Thus, the truck driver empties a full container, avoiding emptying half-full ones.

Street lighting

IoT-based smart cities make maintenance and control of street lamps more straightforward and cost-effective. Equipping streetlights with sensors and connecting them to a cloud management solution helps to adapt lighting schedule to the lighting zone.

Well-designed, Smart city management solution with IoT will reduce investments in development and fasten the implementation of smart city solutions, leaving space for expansion. To know more in detail about IoT solutions for smart city management click here or leave us an enquiry

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