Logistics Management System to Keep Your Drivers Safe & Shipments Secure

December 14, 2011

Logistics Management System to Keep Your Drivers Safe & Shipments Secure

Logistics Management System is essential to meet the growing customer’s demands and specific requirements. The management is responsible for safe reach of goods from the production location to a delivery destination. Say for example, transportation of fuel from gas station to petrol bunk requires a great deal of logistics and scheduling. Expert Logistics Management System concentrates on positively improving safety practices that will keep your drivers safe and shipments secure.

Maximizing the efficiency of your fleet while running on tight margins could mean the difference between profit & loss. With fuel costs sky-rocketing these days, knowing where drivers are, to delivery and shipping status can help you reduce costs and maximize your business bottom line. A recent survey reveals that, 16% of all truck driving accidents is due to the truck driver’s fault. Nearly 5,000 people are killed in truck accidents every year and nearly 98% of the time, the drivers of the other vehicle are killed in a truck accident. GPS Vehicle Tracking Device provides data that enables the fleet manager to keep the vehicle and drivers safe and will also aid in reporting on accurate arrival of shipments, results in the most efficient and timely delivery of goods.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System monitors and helps you to achieve greater fleet accountability as it provides all essential information such as load tracking, emergency services support, vehicle violation alarms, fleet maintenance, construction of route plans, driver management and extensive reports. Alerts will be triggered via email or SMS to the fleet manager whenever the vehicle deviates from the assigned route. This enables the fleet manager to safeguard the transported goods.

Your consignments are deemed high value, and Trinetra provides real time tracking of time sensitive deliveries and a highly accurate geozone system, with automatic alerts for every entry and exit into the delivery location. Trinetra helps Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier companies by reducing vehicle fleet cost by monitoring valuable information like speed, irregular use of vehicle, idling, harsh braking and wear & tear of the vehicle. Fleet Maintenance is so important for this industry towards extending the vehicle longevity. Transportation & Logistics companies can also reduce their overhead cost by eliminating under-utilized vehicle and by replacing unreliable drivers with more efficient drivers.

If you would like to improve your vehicle / fleet operations, you can make use of Trinetra’s Industry Based Fleet Management Solutions that offers tremendous value in numerous application scenarios and reap the tangible benefits along with substantial cost savings besides increasing your overall productivity, operational efficiency thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

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