Mobile Apps for Vehicle Tracking

September 24, 2015

Mobile Apps for Vehicle Tracking

In today’s tough economic times, it’s crucial for every business to run as efficiently as possible. Vehicle Tracking Solutions plays significant role in reducing operating expenses increase business benefits and improves safety, efficiency and profitability.

Mobile technology has transferred every aspect of our lives, including our vehicles. Mobile apps for vehicle tracking boast the ability to simplify and streamline much of what we do with our vehicle, from our exact location which route to be taken for travelling etc., on the go.

A fleet tracking mobile app keeps you on top of everything that’s on the road or in the field, no matter where you are and facilitates to manage fleets on the go and simplifies your vehicle tracking needs on the hand. This simple-to-use tracking app ensures that your assets are always visible, making it an ideal solution when you are on the road, with no access to a laptop or PC, and helps to respond immediately on accident reporting, accessing roadside assistance, or finding the closest fuel or maintenance location and much more.,

Key benefits of having Vehicle tracking mobile apps

  • Vehicles location and current status on the go
  • Track vehicles in real-time
  • Send alerts when vehicle idles and enters/exists the pre-defined locations
  • Monitor closest vehicles and assign tasks for the specified address
  • Get directions to/from vehicles

When business doesn’t stop, you don’t stop. With our fleet tracking app, you can access key information about your team from anywhere, anytime. Trinetra mobile app for vehicle tracking serves with best features and makes vehicle tracking easier get to know more in detail reach us @

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