Vehicle tracking solutions as -Platform as a Service

October 08, 2015

Vehicle tracking solutions as -Platform as a Service

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the way of business applications which are built and run, developing and delivering a new application is now as fast as opening an Internet browser. Platform as a Service — or PaaS — is a proven and upgraded methodology adopted for running applications without the hassle of maintaining the hardware and software infrastructure within an organization. Enterprises of all sizes started to adopt PaaS solutions for its scalability, reliability and simplicity.

GPS-based vehicle and fleet tracking solution, the next generation platform provides customers with the real time information of their mobile assets. As the vehicle tracking system ensures efficiency of vehicle operations, greater field workforce productivity, vehicle visibility, lower fleet operating costs and better customer service at all times.

GPS Vehicle tracking system as Platform as a Service will be user-friendly, scalable, and customizable and can be adapted to any fleet size depending on customers’ need. They were fully integrated with many value added features like Dashboards, Map related screens, historical information, Reports, diagnostics screen and many more to aid the customer for intelligent data analysis and decision making.

This Platform as a Service (PaaS) model hosts various kinds of third party devices in a structured way and saves tremendous amount of cost and time for the manufacturers. This will result in greater benefits for fleet owners.

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