Why IoT based Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring is important in healthcare Industry

Jan 13, 2023

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring

Every year there is a huge amount of investment in the health care industry, however if the products are not maintained properly then there will be a loss in this business. After the pandemic, tracking and monitoring pharmaceuticals has become very crucial.

With advanced technologies, we can monitor the temperature of the product and with GPS tech we can track the location of the transport vehicle and share real-time information Theft can be prevented when the vehicle is being tracked and the products are being monitored till the shipment process gets completed.

Maintaining the required level of temperature for medical products is essential in many cases. When sensitive products like medicines are stored or transported, we have to consider important parameters such as moisture and temperature as the factors play a vital role in the pharma supply chain. To secure the products the product must be transported in containers.

Role of IOT in healthcare industry

With IoT tracking of large amount of medical supplies is made easy. With the help of tracking software, we can track lot of medical products in timely manner. We can also track the location of the vehicle and it can be verified with concerned driver. IOT sensors also help in preserving organs being transported and help maintain at a specific temperature. IOT based monitoring helps avoid spoilage of many other medical equipment and drugs. Temperature tracking and humidity tracking in the cold chain will lead to better shipment quality and improves customer satisfaction. The healthcare industry can get exact delivery schedules of the transported items with help of IOT-solutions,

Delivering product or equipment on time is necessary. If a patient is in a critical condition and he/she needs drugs or medical equipment like ventilator, oxygen cylinder, the equipment should reach within a given time, then the life of a patient can be saved. Every minute is valuable in the health care industry, so delivering products at right place at the right time can save human life.

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