Benefits of Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software

Jan 10, 2023

Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software

Understanding a customisable, reliable Fleet Management System software with telematics and GPS tech is essential for any company that wants to streamline its operations and sustain a profitable business. It equally applies for enterprises and contractors in the large-scale construction industry. This industry uses a lot of heavy and mobile equipment, such as earth-movers, cranes, dumpers, RMC trucks, etc. Effectively managing expensive and depreciating assets is critical for ROI.

However, managing a fleet of expensive assets is a challenge in itself, especially so in the large-scale construction business.

So, the stakeholders and managers need a totally reliable fleet management service software that will help them to complete all the needs with regard to managing their fleet of vehicles expensive assets and mobile heavy equipment. Efficiency and productivity are criteria, as constructuion firms work on thin margins. The efficiency benefit is also associated with cost savings. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance, for example, will help to avoid costly repairs and downtime which will affect productivity.

Streamline use of Assets

Fleet management programme use data to improve the way assets can be used efficiently and cost effectively in the long run. Get reports on vehicle maintenance scheduling, routes, fuel consumption and other information. For example, find better routes or switch schedules when a pattern of heavy traffic is seen in one particular route. If vehicles are not brought in for scheduled service, the software will detect it as preventive maintenance averts avoidable downtime. It can track the life span of assets as many are heavy machinery used in construction sites. The software and updated data can be accessed from multiple devices.

Meeting Types of Compliance

The construction industry has to be aware and deal with a list of regulations and government mandates. It may be regarding transportation of hazardous goods, heavy equipment or materials. The application ensures proper documentation, renewals, certificates, licenses, etc. for all vehicles and equipment new and old. A built-in feature like reminders and notifications, ensure you don’t miss key processes. Accurate track of documents and files helps in essential legal matters and insurance claims and non-compliance.

Reducing Costs

Fleet management software is also associated with coat-effective decision making Scheduling Vehicle Maintenance helps to avoid costly repairs and downtime. A fuel consumption tracking report helps to find potential in fuel saving by monitoring efficient driving and idling time situations.

Safety of Assets & People

Visibility of assets with GPS enabled tracking helps to keep safe your vehicles and personnel on the job. The latest fleet management software also provides data for safety. The Fleet Management System (FMS) software with location tracking can trigger alerts when detecting discrepancies, like dangerous driving habits, to prevent fuel wastage, accidents and ensure fleet vehicles and people reach destinations safely.

Trinetra’s solution is a reliable Fleet Management System software using telematics technology and Data Analytics. Construction companies can track individual vehicles in a mixed fleet, detecting all stops and idling to prevent diversions or non-compliance. With telematics in the software also helps in driver management and is  scalable. Use the construction fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis. EFffectively check on inefficiencies, regulatory compliance and also your fleet’s safety, security and reliability. A ‘Demo’ can be arranged for those interested to assess the FMS software solution at their convenience.

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